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3 Tips for Reducing Systemic Inflammation in Patients with IBD (It works for everyone else too)

18 Feb 2017

By Dr. Lindsay Wilkinson, ND, LAc Yesterday, an article published in Medscape reviewed a recent cohort study linking IBD (Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis) to a significantly increased risk for “arterial events” including cardiovascular ischemia (heart attack and angina), cerebrovascular

The Water Element and the Power of Surrender: An Interview With Sarah Clark, LAc

10 Jan 2017

Interview with Sarah Clark, LAc, by Lindsay Wilkinson, ND, LAc  Lindsay: Winter can be a tough season for a lot of people. Can you speak to that from a Five Element perspective? Sarah: Winter is the most yin time of

Listening Deeply, Working With Trauma, and Being a Working Mom: An Interview with Sarah Clark, LAc

19 Jan 2016

Interview by Kellyn Adams Kellyn: How did you make your way to practicing acupuncture? Sarah: My first introduction to acupuncture was through being a patient and experiencing a profound opening through receiving it. Kellyn: And you taught writing before you