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Health Conditions

Nervous System Overload

14 Jun 2013

by Dr. Jennifer Karon-Flores Stressed?  Of course you are.  We all are.  Our nervous systems are still living in the stone age, when stress was a very different animal.  Back in the days before cell phones, mechanized transit, and artificial

Four Pillars of Cancer Prevention

21 May 2012

  By Dr. Dave Allderdice, ND, FABNO Currently one in three of us will deal with cancer at some point in our lives. Science has discovered some of the genetic links that trigger cancer and in doing so, we’ve also

Autoimmunity - Where Is Your Fire in the Belly?

27 Feb 2012

By David Berkshire, LAc   AUTOIMMUNITY-YIKES!   THE CHINESE VIEWPOINT   Autoimmune disease–a term none of us want to hear, though many of us have encountered it sitting in the doctor's office. Perhaps your friends or family have been the