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Addiction Recovery Support

How can I get better control of my addiction recovery?

It’s been three years since your last drink, and life has been pretty good since you became free of alcohol and drugs. At least, that was the case, until the economy took a turn for the worse and you lost your job. This loss didn’t make your family situation any easier, and tension rose to the point where your spouse now wants a divorce. You are stressed, and now your body and mind are telling you to go have a drink. It will just be one and no more. It will take the edge off, and then you’ll be able to think more clearly. Then again, it’s been three years…all that hard work. Will one drink change that? Could one drink send you right back into that downward spiral? You haven’t been going to meetings, because they didn’t seem to serve a purpose for you any more. However, the stress in your life is really testing you. Are there other options? How can you feel more calm, less stressed, and in control of your life?

The healing professionals at Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center understand your daily battles and the lifelong struggle of addiction recovery. Our practitioners will help keep you calm, collected, and balanced, so you can face stressful challenges that are difficult to move through. Combining technical expertise with open ears and kind hearts, their goal is to walk beside you on your journey through life. They won’t give up until they see you back on your feet and ready to face your challenges in health and strength.