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Energy Healing and Shamanism

Shamanism and Energy Healing in Northwest Portland: Each shaman and energy healer at our NW Portland clinic provides natural, intuitive mind body healing. Energy work may take the form of shamanic healing, reiki therapy, sound healing, soul coaching, Maya Spiritual Healing, or other treatment techniques that work through the mind and body to heal the spirit and soul. Shamanic healing and energy healing can clear or balance hard-to-treat issues that have not resolved over time, such as: accident-related illnesses, deep traumas, unexplained illnesses, chronic insomnia (often with bad dreams), pain that has not responded to traditional treatments, and childhood abuse.
Something is missing from your life. Something feels disconnected. You feel as if your spirit has been trying to tell you something, but you don’t know what. You are restless. You look at the pieces of your life story and want to see them in a different way. You suspect your physical pain has something to do with this mystery. What can you do when you feel like a mystery to yourself?
During your shamanic or energy healing, your practitioner’s words, touch, or other tools guide you back to your deepest self. You may experience your emotions as they are held in your body, moving out through your breath and limbs. Once the physical or emotional pain has cleared, you connect to a deeper energy, your “old self,” a friend that has always been there but was obscured by the layers of pain.Shamanism works at a deeper level to target hard-to-treat cases: to clear or balance accident-related illness that hasn’t resolved over time; deep trauma; unexplained illness; insomnia, often with bad dreams; pain that has not responded to traditional treatments; and childhood abuse are examples.