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Five-Element Acupuncture

It seems like a long time since you have felt like “yourself.” The chronic pain, your relentless allergies, the memories of that old relationship that still plague you…you wish you could just clean the slate of your life and start over. You have made changes in your diet and lifestyle, but you feel like your body and mind are stuck in patterns that you just can’t break through. Telling the story about your emotional patterns seems circular at this point, no way out. You suspect the emotional stress is connected to your physical symptoms, but you don’t know how to make sense of that feeling, which just makes you feel more defeated and helpless.

Finally, you lie down on the treatment table and allow five-element acupuncture to do the work your mind could not. You told your entire story to the acupuncturist, and it felt good to be really heard. But the needles are doing something more: Your body feels more at ease than it has for a very long time. For the first time you can remember, you take a deep breath and really let go…making space for the person you are ready to become.

Based in the ancient shamanic roots of acupuncture in China, five-element acupuncture works to bring you back into a state of balance. This balance is really a connection back the natural rhythms of nature: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. These rhythms are the basis of what the Chinese consider balance. The job of the five-element acupuncturist is to discover why you lost that connection and then support you in getting back to it. Rather than focusing on the symptoms that drew you into the clinic, we focus on a myriad of diagnostic clues that help us find The Causative Factor: that which is keeping you from returning to balance. Once the causative factor is treated and balance is regained, your nagging symptoms disappear…and in the process you feel better than you ever have.