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You are unique, and so too, is your experience with feeling sick. Have you ever had a sore throat that felt like a fire blazing in your throat every time you swallowed, and for some reason it felt much worse on the right side? The pain was worst anytime you tried to swallow, or even turned your head from side to side? Or have you ever experienced a sore throat that felt like you had splinters lining your throat? It hurt mostly at night and anytime you ate or drank something cold? All you felt like doing was bundling up in your covers?

These two examples of what one may describe when experiencing a sore throat are both common, yet they have some very distinct qualities. They are unique relative to one another. This is where homeopathy comes in: a different remedy for a different type of sore throat. Determining the best homeopathic remedy for an individual situation involves many details, details that define both your presentation of an illness and your overall constitution.

Homeopathic remedies are designed to stimulate and engage the body in the healing process, for any type of illness. These tiny doses of various natural substances work through complex means…involving quantum physics and energy waves…to bring you concrete and quick relief from your symptoms.