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Dr. Catharine (“Kitt”) Guaraldi, N.D.

Dr. Catharine Guaraldi, “Kitt” to her patients, has long been interested in helping people, by both understanding the stories they tell and how bodies work.

At Middlebury College, Kitt balanced pre-med courses with studies of Italian and American Literature. She blended her enthusiasm for people, their experiences and their cultural idiosyncrasies with biology and chemistry. Kitt complemented her undergraduate education with subsequent hands-on training in muscular therapy and certification in Structural Integration (SI). SI is a bodywork modality that relieves postural and movement pattern asymmetries through focus on the connective tissue matrix of the body. Kitt uses both her muscular therapy and Structural Integration skills to bring people back into their bodies and relieve long-term pain patterns.

Wanting to better help her bodywork clients with complex medical histories, Kitt enrolled in naturopathic medical school at the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), where the scope of practice includes manual therapy. The main tenet of naturopathic medicine is also a core belief held by Kitt: the body will inherently tend towards health if obstacles are removed and a person’s physical, emotional and spiritual health is nourished.

During NCNM, Kitt focused her clinical studies on pediatrics and women’s health at various locations, including A Gentle Beginning (AGB), a naturopathic and certified nurse midwifery practice. As a part of AGB, Kitt attended over 100 home and hospital births, and offered continuing care for mothers postpartum and for babies through their early years. Kitt was also privileged to intern in Portland’s community clinics treating children and underinsured adults while at NCNM. Throughout her years of training, Kitt maintained her SI practice and her love of bodywork. In the years after graduation, she deepened her botanical medicine knowledge and sharpened her skills with therapeutic herbal preparations through study with Aviva Romm, MD. Certified as a New England School of Homeopathy practitioner, Kitt also continues to hone her use of homeopathy with patients.

From 2011-2015, Kitt has worked as a primary care naturopathic physician and midwife in Vermont. She is thrilled to be back home in Portland, Oregon, where she is one of only two Structural Integrators who are physicians. Kitt welcomes new patients for myofascial bodywork and pain relief and also for other general practice care. Her specialties include bodywork, SI, herbal medicine, homeopathy, women’s health and family health.


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