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Dr. Lorraine Ferron, N.D., L.Ac

A message from Dr. Lorraine:

Ever wanted to leave your doctor’s office feeling different—feeling better—than you did when you walked in? Do you yearn to be really heard by your doctor? I felt this way for much of my life, and that’s why I’m so pleased to offer my patients something more. As your naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, I offer an  treatment on the day of your visit to help you feel better now, and a treatment plan, to support you until your next visit, and over the weeks and years to come.

Whether or not your struggle is one that fits into a conventional diagnosis, I base my practice on listening intently, ready to hear you and your story. Recognizing that it is an honor to be let into your life, here is what I commit to you:

  • I will always work to understand your experience, recognizing that it is unique and valuable, even if it doesn’t fit with what I expect, or what any medical texts say.
  • I am merely a guide in your healing process. When you begin to feel better, the achievement will be yours to celebrate.
  • I will work to be clear about treatments, expected outcomes, and costs associated with your visits.

My practice focuses on identifying and addressing the deepest sources of imbalance and the greatest burdens on your vitality. This is a deliberate choice, for two reasons. First, using this approach, I find that positive shifts are more enduring than focusing treatment on symptoms alone. Secondly, I humbly recognize that your body has a deeper wisdom about how to go about healing you than any doctor ever could. I believe that everyone has an immense capacity to heal (yes, including you) and my job is to support, and remove any obstacles to, that process.

My favorite tools for supporting patients in their healing are:


A native Portlander, I spent my childhood enjoying the mountain, the ocean and the city. After a few years away to earn a BA in Linguistics at Dartmouth College in New England, I returned home, to while away my young-adulthood biking around the eastside and pursuing everything related to the local food movement. I found my way to natural medicine while on a larger quest to figure out how to help people, natural environments and human communities.

While earning a doctorate of naturopathic medicine (ND) and a master of science in oriental medicine (MSOM) at the National University of Natural Medicine (formerly NCNM) here in Portland, Oregon, I co-founded Everyone’s Medicine, where doctors and patients alike can find simple and useful resources about natural medicine. Learn more about me and how I practice at