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Liz Vitale, L.Ac.

In practicing medicine, I can offer you the space needed to take a deep breath and regain sight of the horizon. Through the use of acupuncture & Chinese medicine, we have at our fingertips myriad interconnections among the various currents of life to explore, which can allow for movement towards greater well being. I believe that through natural medicine, there is an opportunity to get more in touch with one’s own being – body, psyche, soul – and with community – family, friends, and the environment we inhabit. By tending to these connections there is a chance to find more harmony among the various parts of the whole self, whole community, whole environment.

I value working with a variety of people and conditions, and would love to see you! I often work with patients to treat digestive & gastrointestinal issues, pain, autoimmune disorders, respiratory complaints, skin conditions, anxiety & depression, and irregular sleep. Together we can seek to discover the root cause of whatever is present, and address that directly. A typical treatment may include acupunctureCranioSacral therapy, and moxibustion, as well as an herbal medicine formula to take home and enjoy until your next visit!

Before embarking on a career practicing medicine, I worked as an archaeologist, and what I loved most about the experience of excavating is the very same thing that I love about practicing medicine. At the archaeological site, there was an opportunity to peer into the past and learn about people through the material world that they left behind. Similarly, with the lens of Chinese medicine, there is an opportunity to discover something new, or a wider perspective, by taking a look at how all of our parts are relating to each other and to our surroundings. Originally from New York, I came to Portland to study Chinese medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine and completed residency there before joining the Kwan Yin community. I have a love for the wilderness of the city, and the vastness of the ocean alike. Outside of the clinic, I can most often be found at the sea, or passing time with friends and family.