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Martha Blessington, L.Ac.

I’m a 56 yrs old mother of three young adults who got my Masters in Acupuncture from  National University of Natural Medicine later in life. I spent my twenties and early thirties as a competitive athlete (runner + triathlete) constantly tinkering my mechanics, my diet as well as self-diagnosing and healing my many wear and tear race related injuries. I then got married and started a family. Raising children not only forced me to give up competing but pushed me to hit pause on pursuing a career in medicine. In what can only be called a serendipitous twist, I turned to yoga to satiate my need to move my body as I aged. The more I pursued my yoga practice, the more I became intrigued with Eastern philosophy and practices which eventually led me to look at Eastern medicine. When the time was right to resume my pursuit of a medical degree, I chose Chinese Medicine. I became thoroughly convinced of the healing power of treating the root condition of an ailment rather than fixating on the symptom relief offered by Western medicine. Playing “Dr. Mom” for 2+ decades had given me a lifetime of partnering with Western medicine to help address illnesses ranging from the severe to the run of the mill and I increasingly became aware of Western medicine’s strengths and weaknesses. Like most things in life, no one doctrine has it right. But I find that Chinese medicine can help heal people with both dramatic success and little to no side-effects. That to me is true health and well-being.

Furthermore, as someone who is sensitive to medications, supplements, and herbal formulas myself, I have developed an interest in helping the body heal with as little intervention as possible. To that end, I practice Five Element style acupuncture which is a more systemic approach to healing the body. Though it is highly effective with symptom relief, the focus is on aiding overall balance and whole body health.  While I can treat a range of conditions; I have had the most success in treating menstrual irregularities, fertility issues, menopausal symptoms, anxiety, depression, and musculoskeletal pain.

I hope you’ll come in for a consult.