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Understanding and Managing Anxiety

14 Feb 2018

In the United States, we have been on an 80-year trend toward increased anxiety, and it’s no wonder why.[1] We live in a world that is obsessed with productivity. Our political situation seems to be in a constant state of

Stay Safe in This Smoke!

15 Sep 2017

By Dr. Chloe Scheel ND, LAc Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy with the poor air quality we are facing in Portland, OR. Avoid exercising outdoors. Wear a mask to avoid breathing in large ash particles.

What is InnerDialogue?

22 Apr 2017

By Sarah Clark, LAc InnerDialogue is a healing form that allows us to use body symptoms—our joint pain, our insomnia, our digestive distress, our anxiety–to access a deeper understanding about where we are out of balance. The practitioner and patient