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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Will the accident dominate my life forever?

It’s amazing how just a few seconds can alter your quality of life so completely. Not only has the car accident lead to constant, distracting, and debilitating pain in your back, neck, and hips, but your mind feels scattered and your emotions awry. On top of that, you’ve developed an ever-present, underlying fear that is affecting your work, relationships, and pleasure in daily life. You feel overwhelming apprehension every time you step into a vehicle. It feels like the accident took control of your body and your spirit, and you’re worried that the “old you” will never return.

You keep trying new medications or taking higher dosages to combat the pain and anxiety, but the drugs come with uncomfortable (even sometimes frightening) side effects that wear you out. You’re not entirely clear whether the pills are making you feel better or worse. You just want to regain a clear head and a positive outlook, as well as find relief from the pain, but the medical solutions you’re being offered only seem to keep you in a fog.

At Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center, our holistic health care practitioners will take all the time that’s needed to understand your particular physical and emotional challenges. They will support you with a compassionate ear, as well as powerful natural medical techniques, as you find your way back to balance. Our practitioners’ goal is to help you achieve a level of whole-body wellness that meets or exceeds your pre-accident experience.