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Pediatrics and Family Medicine

I’m sick of my child being sick!

Your child’s earaches: at this point, you’ve lost count of how many she has had. In fact, looking back over the last two years, you’re beginning to wonder if these infections (or are they even infections?) ever had beginnings and ends. Perhaps it has been one long earache that has lasted the whole time. On top of that, your unhappy wee one has struggled with painful teething, continuous colds, nasty flus, rashes, and terrible tantrums. Not only does it make you feel sick to watch your child suffer, you’re frustrated, tired, and feeling like a failure as a parent.

In your numerous attempts to cure these various ailments, it seems like your child has continuously been prescribed antibiotics or other drugs. Your pediatrician is now talking about more invasive treatments, such as putting tubes in your child’s ears to combat the earaches. Are extremes like pharmaceutical drugs or surgery really the only answers, or is there any chance that natural, alternative medicines could solve your problems? You just want your little person to feel good again, but you’re filled with anxiety about making the right choice. It seems like all the options have serious implications, and you wish you had more of your wits about you to think it all through.

At Kwan-Yin Healing Arts Center, our foremost priority is to provide a compassionate ear. Our healing professionals are here to listen without judgment as you share your child’s entire story, as well as your own. Then, our practitioners offer natural and gentle healing modalities to quickly, safely, and effectively treat the root causes of your child’s dis-ease. Kwan-Yin’s practitioners are especially eager to work with children. They want these little beings’ growth to be filled with joy, innocence, and vitality, and they are committed to supporting your child now and into the future.