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IV Nutrient Therapy


Our bodies are remarkable machines, but even the most remarkable machines need a little high octane fuel when running poorly. IV nutrient therapy provides the purest and most bio-available nutrients directly to the cellular level so body can make use of them quickly and efficiently. This is particularly critical when our system is under stress or absorbing poorly from the GI tract. By providing infused nutrients in a time of greater need, we can more quickly restore optimum function and get the body back on track. You will feel improved energy and well-being immediately after treatment and over time, IV nutrients can help you reach a new stronger, healthier and more vital everyday life.

You doctor will create a cocktail of vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, and scientifically studied nutrients to address your individual health. IV nutrient therapy is ideal for treating fatigue, GI inflammation and poor absorption and is indicated for anyone depleted by major medical interventions, recent illness or stress. IV nutrients are often used as part of detoxification protocols and can boost immune function to help to quickly fight-off a cold or the flu.