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Nutritional Counseling

You know that food has something to do with your health- you even know you react to some foods, but the question lingers: How Should I Eat? Chinese medical traditions and current Western research both acknowledge the therapeutic properties of food. Chinese medical theory does not directly separate food from medicine, as both create significant changes in the body. Western research has linked coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some cancers to improper diet. For good or bad, foods affect all systems of the body. By drawing upon the healing properties of various foods, health problems can be overcome and vitality enhanced. If diet is used for prevention and treatment, other medicines may be required less.

Our current diet and the soil in which our food is grown are lacking in trace minerals, vitamins and other specific nutrients the body needs. Using Chinese diagnostics and Western blood work, our clinic’s practitioners are able to assess symptoms, examine an individual body’s needs, and offer specific supplements to support optimal vitality.