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Soul Stream Coaching

What is Soul Stream Coaching?

This life coaching form uses body-centered awareness practices, visualizations, numerology, and the chakra system to remove personal obstacles and clarify your path forward in life.

If you are feeling confused, depressed, overwhelmed or uncertain about the next steps to take in your life, soul stream coaching can clarify what your needs, motivations and desires are at the deepest level. It can also clarify the core elements at work in relationships.

Unlock the unique blueprint of your life purpose and natural gifts! 

In one client’s words:

“This whole coaching process has really helped me release the “I can’ts” that have been holding me back from my next career steps. My old money and fear obstacles no longer seem like valid reasons. I finally feel like I can dream without immediately shutting myself down, and I find that things have improved with my partner as a result! ”