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Dr. Cara Orscheln, N.D.

Born and raised in the Midwest, and one of 14 siblings, I learned to appreciate good health. My doctors were traditional osteopaths and chiropractors, and when we were sick, a woman would come over and bring us strange-smelling herbal teas. As a child athlete, I was intrigued about the structure and function of the human body. When the chiropractor would massage my back before an adjustment, I loved it so much that I would run home and “practice” on my sisters. I didn’t know what a “Naturopathic Doctor” was then, but I knew I wanted to help people feel better. When I was in high school, I heard about Naturopathic medicine, its principles of natural healing and treating the underlying cause of disease, and a voice in my head said, “Yes, that makes so much sense!” I pursued a degree in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology at the University of Colorado-Boulder because I wanted to better understand how the body moved, and it provided most of the pre-requisites to go to Naturopathic medical school. After college, I pursued another passion, massage therapy and structural bodywork. I wasn’t quite ready for the five-year commitment of medical school, so I moved to Seattle to become a massage therapist and spent seven years getting more experience working with people. I decided to study Hellerwork Structural Integration, because it offered such a profound training in how to connect with clients and empower them to make changes and shifts in their physical bodies, in how they move, hold themselves, and interact with the world. Hellerwork Structural Integration generally works in an 11-session format to organize the soft tissue of the body in a more balanced and supportive way, so that both posture and movement is experienced with more freedom and ease. Eventually I began to again feel the itch to return to school and complete my degree in Naturopathic Medicine, here in Portland at the National College of Natural Medicine. This further education was partially out of an awareness that there were underlying causes of dis-“ease” that I was not able to address through structural bodywork alone, yet had a desire to better understand. I wanted to learn more about biochemistry, nutrition, herbal medicine, and this wonderful mystery called homeopathy. Now that I have completed my Naturopathic degree, I feel I can safely say that my formal education years are now over, but I will never stop learning, I am always up to something new. These days, I am learning about motherhood and babies! When I am not working, you can find me with my young daughter, husband and other family or friends poking around in the woods, singing and making music, cooking, or playing a game of cards. For more information please visit my website at:   Education:   National College of Naturopathic Medicine – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Certificate in Homeopathy.   New England School of Homeopathy – Cycles and Segments Training   Institute of Structural Medicine – Hellerwork Structural Integration Training.   Seattle Massage School and Ashmead College – Massage Therapy School   University of Colorado – Boulder – BA in Kinesiology and Applied Physiology