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Dr. Ellerie Jean Nagy, ND

Dr. Ellerie Jean Nagy is passionate about patient-centered compassionate care using natural medicine. ​Dr. Ellerie believes that treating a patient requires investigating an individual person’s whole medical picture, mind, body, and spirit, to find imbalances and root causes of illness. She focuses on gut health, inflammation, detox patterns, and mind/body connection. While at NCNM, Ellerie trained under gastrointestinal naturopathic expert Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis. She utilizes her two year study of shiatsu massage and sotai structural balancing techniques. Additionally, she has been mentored by Dr. Amy Bader in the field of Bio-therapeutic Drainage. She has studied both western and eastern herbalism. She has a never ending thirst for knowledge, continually learning and updating her expertise in medicine.
Dr. Ellerie did her medical training at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM). Prior to medical school, she attended California Polytechnic State University earning her bachelor of science and her master of science degree in Biomedical Engineering, and minor in Art. After earning her master’s degree, she worked for St Jude Medical, assisting doctors in operations by navigating 3D imaging software of the heart. During this time, she traveled to over 50 hospitals and worked with many more doctors. While her thirst for medicine grew during this time, she felt that conventional medicine was not addressing root causes of patients. When she discovered Naturopathic medicine, she knew that becoming a Naturopathic doctor (ND) was her calling.    
Dr. Ellerie enjoys eating delicious food especially with family and friends. She is passionate about cooking meals that are both delicious and healthy. She is currently writing a cookbook. She adores spoiling her dog Stewart. She spends her free time making art, especially ceramics. She has a thirst for travel and exploring new cultures. Ellerie is forever a student. Currently she is enrolled at the NUNM studying to become a license acupuncturist in the classical Chinese Medicine program