D.A. Wiley, L.Ac.


My own positive experience as a patient of Chinese medicine fostered my desire to help others better their health and well-being. I studied at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, where I received my master’s in Oriental medicine. I am nationally certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology.

There are many different ways to treat patients. I draw from a variety of treatment approaches to work with each individual’s unique needs. My treatment plans include methods based on five-element acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and Japanese meridian balancing.

I am drawn to the beauty and simplicity of five-element acupuncture, with its strong connection to the natural world. This powerful system fully integrates the health of the body and the spirit of the patient. It is wonderful when patients report feeling healthier and more balanced after these treatments. I also offer Japanese meridian balancing, an approach that clears areas of pain and strengthens areas of weakness in the body. I often prescribe Chinese herbal formulas. According to a system that draws upon Chinese medicine’s principles, I also utilize homeopathic remedies. I may integrate Chinese or Japanese massage into treatment sessions. Generally, I like to offer self-care suggestions such as dietary improvements, meditation and stretches. Through such methods, patients may extend treatment beyond the clinic and cultivate a deeper level of health.You can learn more about her and her services at wileyacupuncture.com

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