Justin Levy, L.Ac.


Does it seem like you experience the same patterns over and over again?  Maybe it’s a physical problem like chronic pain or a digestive issue, or it could be something emotional like anxiety or depression. Maybe it’s the same unfulfilling relationship pattern over and over again.  Do you feel that there is a deeper meaning and purpose to all this but just can’t seem to figure it out?

When I was 6, I met a spiritual master (Baba Muktananda) who would change my life.  I didn’t know it at the time, but he started a process inside me called a kundalini awakening. The kundalini is an energy hidden inside us, wrapped up and hidden within our traumas, karma, and unresolved emotions.

The answers to the questions at the beginning paragraph are all found inside YOU, but most of us are unaware of how to get those answers.  That's because most of us are disconnected from what is happening in the deeper recesses of our being. Because of that disconnection , we spend most of our lives projecting and recreating our own unhealed karma and pain in the external world.  All the pain, sorrow and suffering we experience externally is very real and very true. But as long as we don’t recognize the source of that pain inside ourselves, we are doomed to recreate it.  This is the ultimate teaching of the kundalini energy-- that we are totally interconnected (body, mind, and spirit) with the outside world.  Any change we want to see in the outside world has to start within ourselves, because we ARE the outside world.

My healing work (Kundalini Mediumship) comes from journeying to the depths of my own sickness and suffering, and then finding the ecstasy of spiritual connection through that journey.

The foundation of this work comes from three traditions: the Hindu yogic tradition (primarily Baba Muktananda), Brazilian capoeira and candomblé, and South American shamanism.

Having mentors and teachers has been incredibly important, but the ultimate truth they led me to was my own inner knowledge. The goal with this work is to show people that anyone can access this energy and find their answers inside themselves. It takes time, dedication, and a willingness to go deep inside yourself-- to find the light shining through your darkness.

When patients come to see me, they start by learning how to receive the kundalini. They learn how to access it through breath and yogic techniques, and by learning how to stay present when accessing trauma held in the body. The work is very physical!  We’ll have to physically break up adhesions and blockages in the abdomen. There is also a lot of internal resistance we all have to this work. There are wounded parts of ourselves that we have to let go of. Those wounds may have been a part of us for many years, and they’re quite comfortable keeping us in a state of suffering. But if we surrender and let go, we can experience magic!

After learning how to access the kundalini, you can then learn how to become a medium for it. Mediumship is the embodiment of our own divine energy, where we become vessels and transmitters to deepen our own healing and to assist the world. This part of the work happens during treatments but also during workshops, where you can experience and work with this energy surrounded by like minded people.

If you’d like to learn more, check out my website: www.kundalinimediumship.com.  You can learn more about the philosophy and my traditions and teachers.

Justin was voted as one of the top touch therapists by the Portland Monthly in 2013 and 2014.

Justin has three main sources of inspiration for his spiritual work--

Baba Muktananda-- http://www.siddhayoga.org/baba-muktananda

Mestre Almiro-- http://www.capoeiraportland.com

Andre Ripa and Gianna Piccardo-- http://spiritmusique.com

Traditional Schooling

  • 2004 Graduate of East-West School of the Healing Arts, Portland, OR
  • 2005 Completed 100-hour Thai Massage class at San Francisco School of Massage, San Francisco, CA
  • 2006 Completed 50-hour Thai Massage class at Nerve Touch School of Thai Massage, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • 2008  Graduate of Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with a master’s degree in Asian and Oriental Medicine
  • 2008  Post-graduate internship at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing, China.  Focus on acupuncture and Chinese herbology.
  • 2009-2011  Student of the Four Winds Society, a school of shamanic healing of the Americas.

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