Regenia Benton, L.Ac.


Regenia's approach to wellness is holistic, allowing the body to find balance by supporting where a body is compromised. It is with compassion that she meets her clients' where they are and holds the space for their improved health. Her genuine love of people means she is present to hear their stories and build an understanding of the whole person. Regenia's deep medicine allows her to help her clients’ find their path to wellness.  Her work is to be a clear and neutral channel supporting people in their choices. This work brings her great joy!

A licensed acupuncturist and a trained intuitive energy healer, Regenia has been specializing in Women's Health and Pain management for 16 years. Her work and her studies have taken her to Southern Asia and back again. She has immersed herself in different cultures and healing communities that deepened her practice. Her studies and travel provided a powerful backdrop to learn to let go of ego and open her intuitive abilities even more. Ultimately, she was led back to Portland 6 years ago.

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